Lunch Talk June 24 2022


Campus Middelheim, room G006
Middelheimlaan 1, 2020 Antwerp

Event type
Lunch Talk

Steven Van Laere - University of Antwerp: Immune and cancer cell profiling of inflammatory breast cancer

Sebastiaan Valkiers - University of Antwerp: Towards fast and efficient epitope-specific clustering of T-cell receptor sequences

About the Lunch Talks

The Biomina Lunch Talks are an initiative of a number of young researchers in the biomina network and is sponsored by the Flemish Government. We aim to stimulate the interaction between researchers from different disciplines who encounter bioinformatics and computational biology, and consequently we focus on a broad and multidisciplinary public. With this informal medium we would like to provide a platform where knowledge and experience can be presented and exchanged, across partners from both academia and industry. In this manner we have had the pleasure to welcome speakers from various institutes such as the University of Antwerp, the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Janssen Pharmaceutica, the Antwerp University Hospital and Open Analytics. Last, but not least, these sessions can provide a great opportunity for young researchers to acquaint themselves with new ideas and methods in the field of bioinformatics and medical informatics.