Internship Salmonella Genomics

Research group
Adrem Data Lab
  • Biology/Biomedical students
  • Master thesis

Bioinformatics, genomics, transcriptomics, data mining, Python and R


Bacteria of the genus Salmonella cause gastrointestinal infections and bloodstream infections in humans, and are often resistant to a wide spectrum of antibiotics. Especially in low-and middle income countries, resistant bloodstream invasive Salmonellae cause a high mortality.

Recent studies show that only a few mutations can result in a more ‘dangerous’ or human adapted phenotype of certain Salmonella strains. The Systems Biological context underlying such observations remains however limited. For example, transcriptional rewiring is likely an important factor for this type of niche adaptation.

The goal of this project is to study and correlate different data sources to improve our systems-wide understanding of niche adaptation in Salmonella.

Necessary background

A basic biological background is sufficient. The student should be highly motivated to learn more about microbiology, bioinformatics, ‘omics’ techniques, basic coding in Python and R .