Doctoral position on AI for bioinformatics

The ADREM Data Lab is an internationally renowned research group known for its contributions to the theory as well as practical applications of data sciences. Within ADREM, prof. Kris Laukens leads a biodata mining research team (circa 20 people) that studies novel bio-informatics and artificial intelligence techniques to interpret complex molecular and biomedical data. The team performs both fundamental algorithmic research and applies these novel techniques to various real-life problems in a diverse array of life science domains (including immunology, oncology, etc.).

You will study AI approaches to unravel universal patterns that drive interactions between biomolecules, essential to understand living systems and diseases. By combining big protein sequence datasets with the power of advanced AI techniques you will study the fundamental building blocks of life. Taking cues from recent advances in natural language processing, you will develop deep neural network models to learn hidden patterns in molecular sequences. You will learn computational and AI skills, as well as their application in real-world biomedical settings.

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