Lunch Talk 29th of November 2019

Oren Tzfadia - ITG Antwerpen: Functional Bioinformatics: identifying new candidate genes in (metabolic) pathways

Daniele Parisi - KU Leuven: Netflix and chill

RSG Belgium Hachathon #2

This full-day event is a great opportunity for students and young researchers from different scientific fields (bioinformatics, computer science, biology, biotechnology, mathematics, etc.) to meet and improve their problem solving, teamwork and coding skills, by working in a multidisciplinary team and trying to solve a particular problem.

Lunch Talk 31st of January 2020

Jurgen Claesen - UHasselt: Rule-based machine learning and expert systems in mass spectrometry

Elise Kuylen - UAntwerpen: TBA

Lunch Talk 28th of February 2020

Thomas Abeel - TUDelft: TBA

Joris Van Houtven - UHasselt & UAntwerpen: TBA

Lunch Talk 27th of March 2020

Tim Verdonck - UAntwerpen: TBA

Dries Van Rompaey - Janssen: TBA

Lunch Talk 24th of April 2020


Lunch Talk 29th of May 2020

Annelies Van Rie - UAntwerpen: TBA


Lunch Talk 26th of June 2020